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August 26, 2018

I am here to feel

I wrote this poem in 2014. Enjoy. 🙂

I’m here to feel

I’ve spent my life dodging, running from pain.
I’ve spent my life hiding, groping to stay sane.
I ran from feeling the highs or the lows.
I ran from experiencing life’s heroes and foes.

Fearing the worst, what could it possibly be?
Fearing that life’s experience would capture me.
Fearing becoming a hostage to my sorrow.
Fearing the sunsets of tomorrow.

A paradigm shift.
A change, a blast of light.
A halting, an awaking, a brightening sight.
A moment, a breath, a break from the run.
I see now, there is a purpose and meaning for everyone.

I’m here to feel.
To experience everything
Feeling deeper and deeper
of what this life has to bring.

This experience is beautiful,
yes, both joy and pain.
Just feeling is incredible,
come walk the terrain.

I’m here to feel.
What would life be without it?
Dark, cold, and fearful, don’t doubt it.
But theirs more to the spectrum than what’s found in the dark.
There’s more to experience, just embrace the spark.

Face every feeling with gratitude.
Face every moment no matter its magnitude.
Face the experience as one to be embraced.
Face its entirety without passing in haste.

I am here to feel, there is no fear.
The sunrises and sunsets, I truly endear.
Thank heaven above for feeling entirely
This whole experience and it’s beautiful irony.

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