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November 3, 2018

Following your inner core light to a happier, healthier, fully developed you.

There are 3 main voices in our psyche; personal, higher order, and lower order.


The first voice is our own, “us”, what each one of us would refer to ourselves as “me”, “my voice”. This is the one that we refer to ourselves as “I”; “I am hungry”, “I think I’d like that”, “should do this”.


The second is one is of a higher order, one that has our best interest at heart. This voice will ask us to go beyond what we may feel or currently desire for ourselves. This voice pushes our limits, expands our horizons, and digs deep to help us become more than what we are.


The third voice is the one that degrades, diminishes, devalues, and pulls us down. It is the of the lower order. If there is something we should do but don’t want to it will tell us the ‘many’ rational reasons why we might as well not do that important thing. It distracts us from what is important and pulls us into what is not important. It does not have our best interest at heart, but rather it desires to lead us to remain as low and inferior as possible. It may be the source of thoughts such as “I am ugly” but once you are using it in first person terminology the problem isn’t so much this third source, but that you have come to believe a lie.

The “inner core light” that I speak of is the one that is the most desirable to follow at all times. It is the “gut feeling”, the deeper source, and the link to something beyond what we may see or know for ourselves about ourselves but also about each decision we make.


This light source of information may come as a sensation, a feeling/emotion, a thought, a voice, an image, or an entire ‘scene’ played out like a movie screen. All are necessary to notice and follow any direction given. Sometimes it is an actual action, other times it is simply a perspective or belief we have. Sometimes it is for nothing more but to bring a feeling of love, peace, joy, or gratitude; all of which are healing in and of themselves.


Distinguishing between these three sources is a quality the goal. One quick note to take with any thought is to notice how the thought is oriented towards you. Is it self reflective “I” statements? Or is it 3rd person, “you” statements? If it is a “you” statement, “you should do this”… is it encouraging, challenging, or deepening you or is it diminishing, depleting and underestimating you?


Pay attention as you walk your path this day. 🙂

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