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January 4, 2022

Celebrate Growth for 2022

Wow, it’s a new year! So exciting! 

Why am I excited? Perhaps because we are in a transformative time. I know the news on the street is of doom and gloom, and yes, crossing paths with the dismal part of any transformation has and will come at one time or another for each of us. 

I am not suggesting to be hesitant to dive into the dark corners of troublesome times, to fall into denial, or turn a blind eye. Nor do I want to withhold deep compassion for the difficulties that these troubles have brought.  However, the purpose of diving into the darkness of it all isn’t to perpetuate fear or dismay; it is only to transform that darkness into peace, calm, enlightenment, healing, and perhaps even gratitude and joy. 

The transition from one way, one mindset, or one paradigm, requires a fair amount of creativity, focus, and fortitude to get through. It requires growth from who we were to who we need to become. Growth in capacity and character may possibly be among the greatest gifts we can be given in this life. It’s not money or fame, but the gift of who you become as a person.

I suppose this is why I am excited: Whatever comes this year, growth over the last two years has changed us all. We are different than we were. Our priorities are shifting. Our external stimulus is demanding internal change. Internal change means growth, which is such a gift and it is worth celebrating. 

I pray your growth is as the lilies, calm and sure—consistently finding joy in who you are and who you are becoming. 

With Love,


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