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As always a session with Denise leaves me feeling refreshed, enlightened and able to continue tackling my life in the best way possible.  Her insights are spot on, so helpful in the healing process.  I recommend her services to anyone needing healing and pain relief.


My session with Denise “helped me massively,”. I walked out of my session with a feeling of relief and at peace.


So much was opened up from my session. My initial reason for going was for emotional blocks. After the first session, I felt uplifted and lighter in spirit and energy. I’m still feeling this way. Denise has a special gift and I highly recommend her.


Denise is amazing! I was a little scared to try this. I went in being skeptical and not knowing what was going to happen. I cant even explain how great I felt when I left my session. Denise explained everything and made it very easy to understand. I felt very comfortable and at ease. I honestly cant wait to go back again for my second appointment! Thank you so much!

– Dawn

I rarely ever take the time to review of services or businesses, but I really feel like the work Denise is doing is so important for people to open their minds and hearts to. I’ve done several sessions and have even brought and encouraged family members and friends to do the initial consultation with her. I don’t understand how it all works of course, and started a bit skeptical, but I have seen and noticed a difference in my aunt, daughter, and my own symptoms. There are very personal things I have been able to process and work through from my sessions, some of which have been lingering from my childhood. I’m a big fan and support of the work she does and her integrity and genuine desire to help people. I could go on and on, (@ Denise: feel free to give my number to people, if they have questions from a client perspective). I recommend everyone at least doing the initial consultation with the NES scan. I’d take advantage of any promotional deals when they arise and I believe wholeheartedly it’s time (I drive from Colorado Springs) and money well invested in your health and wellness, promise.


Denise is simply amazing in every way. She is welcoming, calming, encouraging and trustworthy. She was able to help me identify some underlying issues that were causing me physical discomfort. Once we addressed them, my problem areas released. I’m definitely a believer in her work!


I didn’t know what to expect but Denise is helping me see the colors of the world again.


Denise is amazing! Over the years I’ve tried talk therapy, self-help books, medication, and other avenues to tackle issues and concerns from my childhood. While each of those things helped some, Denise’s energy work has been the most effective and deep treatment I could find. Working with her has helped me better cope with my stress, feel self-love, and understand myself better. I’m so grateful for her and the way she’s blessed my life. She’s helped me through personal crisis as well as past trauma. She’s also helped my children with everything from stomach pain to feelings of insecurity. I strongly recommend working with her, and I’m excited to see her for many years to come!


Denise is a huge blessing in my life. She is incredibly talented in energy work and has such a vast array of modalities and techniques that get far deeper than any other energy work I have seen. She is able to help her clients get to the roots of their problems and help them resovle long standing issues. She is very kind and easy to work with and I trust her completely. I’m grateful for all that she has helped me with in my life and look forward to our future sessions. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!


I’m blown away by the mount of work completed in just the initial consult. Far more energy and emotions than I expected. Feeling a little bit like I got hit by a truck, but I think it was friendly and he waved. lol


I feel hopeful that with Denise’s assistance, I can become more attuned to my body and it’s innate ability to heal.

– Cindi

I’m so glad to have been a participant in your informal practice, and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to continue with you as an official patient.
I believe you are gifted at your practice, and so commend your pursuit of this work. Thank you for bravely sharing your compassion!


Thanks so much that was exactly what I needed. -Ben

It stopped hurting, and it hasn’t hurt since. -Carl

Denise did an awesome job with connecting to the core of my problem that I was going through. Personally, I was having a hard time with letting others treat me like a puppet and controlling my emotions quite a bit. We related it to the earth and how centered I was with the earth. It was a really cool experience and we ended up coming out on top with positive feelings and we worked out the issues that were causing me harm emotionally. Thanks Denise!

– Melinda

I was a little emotionally tired but almost felt more physical energy when I got home. As soon as I sat on the couch I passed out and didn’t wake up until 1:30 am! I slept really hard last night! This morning my boss brought me a little gift to thank me for my hard work so I am happy for positive changes all around!


Keep being awesome🙌  I feel refreshed and enlightened every single visit. It’s amazing how I’m recharged and ready to face the world again.  I had no idea the impact of my past traumas and experiences were effecting my current well being. Thank you so much.


  Thank you Denise for helping me identify the issues I am having and for your tremendous insight.  I look forward to the next session and to working with you!


Denise is a very kind, caring person. She was able to give me fantastic insight and help me energetically throughout our session. She is knowledgeable and professional; she does incredible work!

I surely didn’t know what to expect. Denise was very easy to follow in her description to what we would be doing for the first consultation. Then as we went through the procedure I was surprised how my body reacted to her coaching. Surprising information came up from this procedure that gave me insight to some of my past and present problems emotionally and physically. I felt very relaxed at the end of the session. I am looking forward to my next appointment.


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