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The paradox of living:

The paradox of living. The paradox of truth Insights keep you spinning With a foundation beyond proof. The opening of the heart The opening of the mind Unite in understanding of the truth that you find. An emerging of the soul an emerging of the divine Light and darkness now known, and the healing vine. […]

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Fight Evil? or Embrace light?

Here is another poem I wrote as I observed the world around me. Fighting Evil or Embracing light Fighting darkness with darkness, pain with pain,  that my friends is the name of the game. Stab the wounded with a wound A vicious cycle has ensued The devils twist, the lights been missed, generations of pain […]

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Mindful Eating

This is something I love but hardly do.  It was a part of our homeschool morning. A wonderful remind for us all. It seems to naturally bring in gratitude to approach food this way.

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I am here to feel

I wrote this poem in 2014. Enjoy. 🙂 I’m here to feel I’ve spent my life dodging, running from pain. I’ve spent my life hiding, groping to stay sane. I ran from feeling the highs or the lows. I ran from experiencing life’s heroes and foes. Fearing the worst, what could it possibly be? Fearing […]

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