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Certifications from Empowerlife Kinesiology and Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Institute:

2020 – Navigating the Immune System with
Empowerlife Kinesiology And
Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Institute

The Immune System is an intricate, complex protection system that affects all aspects of our lives. Physical wellness, mental acuity, and our emotional well being are all affected by the workings of innumerable cellular organisms.

This is a step-by-step exploration into the system and a wide variety of issues regarding the Immune System including specific formats of viruses, fungi, bacteria, and parasites.

This material is a combination of Hugo Tobar’s NK immune formats and Ron’s EK formats and tools that he uses to enhance Navigating the Immune System.

Immune & Vaccination Pathways 1 & 2

Additional formats for the immune system and it’s components including the Disease, Microbe & Format Database, specific cell and immune cell formats, vaccine stress formats, detoxification pathways and more.

Pathway Hologram for the Digestive System

Digestive Pathology is one of Hugo’s powerful Pathology Workshops. I am able to use holograms and advanced formatting for the digestive system for: mouth cells, salivary glands, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, large intestine. This includes organs, glands, cells, enzymes, the components of bile and the different liver functions.

2019 – Food Sensitivities & the Immune System

Sensitivity to foods and other stressors is extremely prevalent in today’s world.

If someone is troubled with any health issue, the possibility of a food sensitivity being a part of the problem is very high. Gluten sensitivity itself is a trigger for so many issues, it is worth paying attention to and de-stressing gluten with most people.

Food sensitivities are among the most common problem that people need addressed when it comes to their health and well-being.

Thyroid and Metabolism for Energy Kinesiologists

The thyroid is an integral player in the metabolic process, and needs to be accurate in its function. The body compensates for thyroid stress by pulling from other organs, so by the time thyroid stress shows on a blood test, it’s a serious issue. Detect stress in the thyroid at the early stages of distress, long before it becomes a medical problem.

2018 – NeuroEmotional Pathways Levels 1, 2 & 3 – “NEPS”

Neuro formats to reduce stresses related to Anxiety, anger, addictions, depression, sleep related issues, as well as trauma related issues altering current behaviors.

Navigating the Qi

Finding and balancing the deficient energy and excess energy of the beginning and ending of the 12 meridians.

Empowerlife Elements & BodyClock MuscleGroup –
Sensory Dynamics Institute

This procedure is phenomenal to assist in regaining muscle balance, strength, control, or releasing excess tension. In addition to balancing the muscle, the mental/emotional connection that is blocking the correct function is identified and addressed allowing a deeper understanding of the connection to life patterns.

Meridian Switching

Sometimes we get ‘stuck’ or unable to overcome an issue in our present day life and we just can’t figure out why or what is blocking our path. This procedure identifies the shadow and the affirmation associated with the problem, and balances the mind and body, allowing the understanding and solution flow more freely through your system.

Empowerlife Emotional Balancing

Emotional Balancing using Reflective Role Play, Emotional Congruency, Age Maturity, the Story, Common Thread, Bio-Emotional Areas, Neurovasculars then the use of these tools in the Empowerlife Emotional Balancing Procedures.

​ – Sensory Dynamics Institute

Chakra Touch the Basics for the Energy Kinesiologist​, May 2013

Studied the Chakra Energy Centers, the movement, direction, and position, the colors, sound and modulation tones for each of the 7 major Chakras. Learned chakra attributes, and their relation to life. Energy capacity, chakra de-stress, visualization and communication for understanding REF and balancing procedures.

– Sensory Dynamics Institute

Chakra Touch 2 with Chakra Rub and Acupoints
​May 2013
Sept 2013

Chakra energy centers in relationship to the 14 meridians of Chinese traditional medicine. The Chakra Rub Technique portion is incorporated for balancing the chakras with rub, sound, an color. The attributes and expressions include acupuncture points with detailed descriptions. UEF and REF to remove stuck energy.

– Sensory Dynamics Institute

Heart Centered Chakra Touch with Emotional Balancing for the Energy Kinesiologist
​Nov. 2013

Chakra touch technique implemented with Emotional Balancing procedures. Alignment of energy centers through think, feel, and sense. Ages and emotional maturity states. Embedded UEF procedures for stuck energies.

– Sensory Dynamics Institute

Five Shu Acupoints
Aug 2015

Five elements with meridians, five shu acupoints of (jing) Well, (ying) Spring, (shu) stream, (jing) river and (he) Sea theory and location of each acupoints. – Sensory Dynamics Institute with Tami Davis

Climates of the TCM Elements
​Nov. 2015

Techniques and information on handling the climates called the evils of “cold”, “hot,” “dry,” “wet,” “damp,” “phlegm,” and “wind.” Formats and energy techniques for levels of “Qi,” “Jing,” “shen,” “hun,” “blood,” and other energy forms that are used in Traditional Chinese healing modalities. – Sensory Dynamics Institute

Chakra Play 1 & 2
​Oct. 2015

Connection to heart, mind and body with the chakras; role play and create awareness of mind and heart in relationship to the chakras for better decision making, find hidden sabotages, and communication within.

– Sensory Dynamics Institute

Empowerlife Elements and Meridians
​May 2016

Qi, Yin/Yang, Meridians, Elements, Element Emotions, Meridian Idicator Points (MIPs), pause lock, Muscle respons testing, Meridian beginning and end points, Meridian connect flow points, meridian body clock, element connect support, neurovascular reflex pairs, 5 element emotional diagramming, 5 element empowerlife emotions with balancing procedures.

– Sensory Dynamics Institute

Reiki – Channel of Light 1 & 2
​Feb. 2013

First and Second level training and initiation.

Certifications from IQUIM:

BHS – Bachelors in Holistic Health Sciences
Quantum Biology
Quantum Doctor/Healer
Hypnotherapy Training
Auriculotherapy Training
Intro to Aromatherapy
Childrens Health
Biology of Belief
Homeopathy Training
Biofeedback Practitioner Training
Quantum Homeopathy and Homotoxicology
New Quantum Medicine
Taoist Medicine and Acupunture
Integrative Holistic Healthcare course
Five Pillars of Health
Healing and Consciousness
Body Chemistry & Nutrition

American College of NeuroEnergetic Kinesiology (ACNEK)

Sensory Dynamics Institute

Energy Kinesiology Association

International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine (IQUIM)

Westminster College