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My skills

My desire to learn the energy systems for myself and my family has grown into an appreciation for the wisdom of ancient and modern energy modalities. Since 2012 I have been certified with over 1000 hours of training and countless hours working on myself, family, and friends.

I am in the process of completing my Masters in Integrative Medicine in pursuit of a Doctorate in Integrative Medicine. In addition I am an ongoing student with the Energy Kinesiology Association.

I enjoy learning about this topic on my spare time. Click here to see a list of books/resources that have influenced my understanding and growth and that you can enjoy too.

To help you reduce stress and pain I use various techniques including:

Neuro Emotional Pathways
Immune Support
Emotional Processing
Chakra balancing
Meridian balancing
Muscle balance
Stress release

Emotional Processing:

This is a process where we look at a current mental/emotional/spiritual/physical issue and go back to a time in your life to find out where the source of this issue began. We discover the age, the incident, the experience that led you to the domino effect of where you are now. We will work to resolve the issue from that perspective then bring it into the present, allowing you to heal.

Chakra and Meridian balancing:

Chakra’s and meridians hold a great deal of information. By accessing the chakra systems we can help to release stress, unwanted emotions, and balance the energy systems.

Muscle balance:

Our muscles work together to help us function, sometimes our muscle groups are off balance, misaligned, tense, too loose, or otherwise stressed. Using the energy systems and muscle groups I can help to align and balance the body.

Stress release/Addiction relief:

Stress comes at us from every angle. This could be a challenge we are currently facing in our relationships, addictions, tension, anxiety etc. Using the energy systems through any of the above protocol as well as the Calmeaze and Craveeaze techniques I can help release stress and relieve addiction.