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What happens in a session?

When you arrive I will ask you to sit down so we can briefly discuss the issue and understand your desire for the session. At some point I will request you lay down on the message table, face up, as we continue to discuss. I will begin muscle testing and working while we continue to discuss the issue and the information that I find.

Memories, feelings, experiences will be discussed as I facilitate the release of tension in the body/mind/soul. At times I will have procedures that need no discussion. There may also be times when I will need you to sit up, stand up, or roll to one side or another to test muscles or reach acupoints on the body. I may recommend foods or herbs to support your body’s healing. This can be of greater focus by request.

While the amount of information you share is up to you, the more open you are the more we are able to uncover the underlying causes of the issue and release them.

How many sessions will it take to resolve my issue?

Depends on the issue and the source of the issue. Sometimes the source is one direct event/energy pathway/issue, other times it is more complex. I have enjoyed experiencing what I call, “one time wonders”, which is essentially someone who comes in with a concern that we are able to locate and release in one session. Other times it takes more than that. You will notice changes, even if we don’t get to the core of the issue at hand. As we support the systems the capacity and strength is built then when the mind and body is ready we can get there. This may be a few to several. It just depends.

Do you do spiritual or growth work?
YES! This methodology is great to help you work through mental blocks for your business, your relationships, or your personal growth/goals. There is no limit when it comes to actualizing.

Energy Kinesiology is a great way to identify what is holding you back, balance out the system, and coach you through living in a new way.

What should I wear?

Please come in something comfortable. Energy Kinesiology is done fully clothed though I will ask you to remove your shoes and any heavy clothing items.

What exactly do you do?

I facilitate the proper functioning of the energy systems of your body through balancing and integrating aspects that are ‘out of alignment’ to bring about positive health. I follow specific protocols from various methodologies I have studied.

The work that I do is based out of Ancient Chinese and Indian medicine and has been effectively used for over 2000 years.  Modern research in the field of Quantum Physics has given insight and theory into “how” or “why” these modalities work.

The procedures I use involve the various techniques based on the Chinese meridian system, element systems in the body, the Indian chakra systems as well as brain formatting and integration that has been research and developed in this field as a result of the great advances made in Neuroscience.

One of my favorite things about this specific energy work is how deep and very gentle it is.

This work is non-intrusive with healing, transformation, health and well-being as the ultimate goal.

What is a NES Health scan?

A NES Health scan is a device that reads your body energy through a simple hand sensor. It will identify stress around environmental toxins, nutrition, spinal/structural, as well as mental and emotional stresses. In a session we will take a the scan and briefly review before jumping into the energy processing.

If you would like to thoroughly discuss the results of the NES Health scan and receive recommendations based on those results please schedule a NES Health appointment.

What should I expect after a session?

Everyone is a bit different. It depends on what you are working through, and how your body handles it.

Possible immediate responses:
Some report feeling lighter, calmer, happier, and sleep better right away. Others may feel like they need a day to recoup from a big process/release, some feel deep emotion that they have suppressed for a long time come up over the course of the next few days or weeks. This is a healthy and necessary detox so that chronic issues can heal and health/balance can be re-established. Some report dreams, memories, or events come to mind, others finally have relief from constantly being berated by unpleasant memories or events.

There are usually layers, like an onion, of things that we need to work through. If we work through a layer of sadness, we may often run into a layer of anger. If the next layer is not completely resolved in a single session, you may experience it afterwards, in which case it is good to come back in and finish until a healthy balance is established.

How often should I schedule appointments?

Of coarse this also depends on the person, their goals, needs, and readiness. There is no harm to doing this work as often as you like. You can come in one day after the next, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or just as needed. Ultimately the goal is to help empower you to develop yourself and live a full meaningful life.

How does this stuff work over the phone?

Einstein talked about it when he addressed how time and space are physical perceptions and not relevant in the quantum world. He also observed something he called, “spooky action at a distance”, we now call it “entanglement theory”. Entanglement theory in a super summed up basic description is that once two particles are ‘entangled’ you can do something to one particle and it will affect another, no matter how far that particle is from the one being affected.

In short, study quantum physics. It’s awesome.

Where is your office?

I am in the east wing of the Longevity Chiropractic building with Dr. Krysta and Dr. Derek Stickler.
29145 US-50Bus, Pueblo Colorado 81006.