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Books/Resources I love

I often get asked about books that can tell people a little more about what I do. While what I do is unique to the specific training I have, there are many books that I have read that provide insight into how and why all this stuff works! I’ve provided links to these below. I may include summary of personal insights or perspective from these resources. Enjoy!

Easy Reads:

This book and it’s concepts were truly life changing for me. It put into perspective things that I had superficially believed all my life. Things like, why do we pray on our food? Why do words matter? Think positive…. but why really? You may have seen this concept demonstrated in other experiments with plants and things. This is the first scientific research that addressed it in a way that I could take it home and really try it out. We ended up doing the rice experiment in our home and that’s where the life changing happened. I highly recommend you “know for yourself” as well.



This is among some of the first books I read. It takes a look into the workings of a cell. For so long people have thought that the brain of a cell was the DNA but this scientist observed it very differently. It changes the entire paradigm of the workings of our body, how thoughts affect our body chemistry, and how that can affect us through our understanding of epigenetics.





This is often the first book I recommend to people. The gal who wrote it stated out thinking very much like most of western culture. Upon being exposed to this new way of seeing the world she resisted and even became angry over it. She describes her experience and subsequent healing and discovery. Great read.





My teacher, mentor, and personal energy kinesiologist wrote this book and many many others. This is a practical guide offering specific and heart centered techniques to help you recenter yourself. I use these meditations and concepts often, along with the reference guide for the emotional, biochemical, and positive affirmations to combat the stresses we experience in this life.




These book talks about things that are similar to what I have studied in my schooling, an easier read but covers similar topics. These are simple and quick enough and a great way to gain understanding while enjoying a good read.

These books were among the first I read to help me grasp the concepts. I enjoyed these a great deal and felt that it was a good step towards my further understanding.


Audio Book link:















Medium to heavier reads BUT GREAT!


Audio Book Link:
Can I just say I LOVED these books. Big read, but SO insightful! It helped me understand things that I had sensed but had no imagery for. I am a visual person so this was nice.

Audio Book Link:



I just recently finished this one. Loved it. I have been wanting to further my study of archetypes and how they affect us. This gave me just the insights I was looking for. My personal perspectives very a bit, but that will be the case with every book.





This one was fun because it comes from a different group of people but totally fits with basically everything I already understand about sensing, seeing, visualizing, and communicating energetically with others. It helped validate some personal experiences and helped me tune in a bit more to the practice.




Two great books by Catherine Thomas. It’s been a long time since I’ve read The Light in the Wilderness but I enjoyed her story, insights, study, and teaching. It was one my husband and I enjoyed together. We got the God seed because we enjoyed it so much but have not yet finished that one. Life got it away from us, I have every intention of reading and finishing it though. 🙂




I enjoyed this book. It somewhat reflects what Bruce found in Biology of belief but from a different angle. Our bodies really are SO infinitely intelligent. It’s really incredible to ponder on and appreciate. This book provides some insights and room for that.





For any mama’s out there who want assistance tuning into their body when giving birth. This methodology helped me immensely for the birth of our 4 children. Our bodies are meant to be strong and birthing is indeed natural. When we align with that and tune into embracing rather than fighting the natural process of birth, it can create a positive experience. As is true in all of our life ‘struggles’. 🙂







Resource Guides:


Experience and teach about energy and the body yourself!



My children and I LOVE this book. We have read it together many times. I use the concepts to help them remember to live in the moment when it life’s been tough.






Some of my readings for school:

Physics of the soul, the self-aware universe, and The Quantum Doctor are great books.
Amit Goswami is an indian physicist who is the most outspoken about the scientific discoveries that help us understand how physics and specifically quantum mechanics explain health and healing far better than chemistry or Newtonian physics. “Consciousness is the ground of all being” is his montra and he supports that with several experiments that demonstrate how the observer influences their surroundings and how that has more to do with our reality than any ‘building block’. It explains many of the ‘unexplainable’ things that we see in health, healing, and the human body all the time. It also supports the concepts that will assist people in taking control of their life, rather than being helpless victims to disease.
*Amit does go into some reincarnation and past life theory. I enjoyed learning and understanding that perspective, though I do not adhere to it personally or find the supports exclusive to that theory.









This was somewhat a tough read but very insightful to how health and healing has been viewed historically. They knew quite a bit, I’d say even more than we adhere to today, though still true.






So… I liked this book WAY more than I expected. I thought it was going to be super boring historical drum bum. It wasn’t, it was great!