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NHC Testimonials

The work I did with Aaron steered me in a direction of growth and he was consistent and there guiding me through my journey with compassion and support. He was aware of my preference to energy modalities and provided very useful resources that were not in his wheelhouse, yet still managed to find a way to motivate me to move in a direction that was emotionally challenging and scary. I do not think the tides of life would have turned so well for me had I not had the chance to work with him.

I liked that Aaron I connected with Aaron on so many levels of life. His understanding of overcoming the challenges of life that stem from our childhood experiences. I felt understood and it was easy to open up to Aaron and he is genuinely a very healthy person who respects his body and tirelessly takes care of it. That is motivating for those of us who are not natural born athletes. 

I would recommend Aaron to people seeking help with fitness and healthy eating. He has a good understanding of healthy eating and individuals seeking ways to connect to why they are not successful with physical health. Aaron also would be of value to people that need a push to get started or ways to make themselves accountable.  

NHC Peer

Aaron was great and was so supportive during our sessions as the nurse coach. He provided such a great balance of creating a safe environment to grow in, providing encouragement, and also challenging me in ways that I truly needed. He provided such a calming presence and always gave me his undivided attention, He also had this great ability of sensing when I was not truly being honest with myself and provided powerful questions that created a lot of powerful changes by the end of our time together. 

NHC Peer

Before I started working with Aaron, I wanted to make a change in my life for the better. I wanted to change some of my behaviors that seemed to be making my life head a direction I wasn’t planning on going. When I started my sessions with Aaron, I saw myself more and in a different light. I saw the “me” I wanted to become and a pathway to find that “me”. It wasn’t until I actually focused on the “me” I wanted to be, that change started to happen. It was such a positive experience for me and I’m so grateful that he and I connected.  

NHC Client

Aaron was easy to talk to and open up to, I felt comfortable that our conversation was in confidence.  I felt his honest concern about me and my needs. I feel like I could talk to him about anything and he would listen and return suggestions with help and understanding.

Aaron taught me the importance of meditation and how to connect with my own emotions and feelings.  I learned how to calm down when I was stressed.  He helped me understand the importance of being myself and how much influence I can have in other people’s lives. Aaron has helped me know how to build more confidence in myself, have a better self-esteem, and how I can help others.

I would recommend coaching those who feel lost in this world and within themselves.  Anyone who may need counseling in relationships, families, spouse, sibling, friends etc. I feel you could be helpful in many situations. You show a caring and understanding of others in your personality. Thank you for allowing me to be involved in this coaching experience, I feel you have a great ability and love to coach others.  I enjoyed our visits and being able to open up in confidence.

NHC Client

I worked with Aaron on emotional eating. I have been using food as a way to suppress my feelings instead of expressing them for at least 18 years. Whenever I seemed to get a handle on it, I would fall into those habits again. I thought overeating was the problem. But I found, as I worked with Aaron, that this was a symptom. As we worked together, I could see clearly what the true problems were and he taught me tools to overcome them. This gives me so much hope for the future! I feel empowered to work through these problems and no longer cover them with food. Aaron’s calm and kind nature helped me to speak honestly and openly so he could help me see the problem and the solution that was personal to me. He showed me that he understood where I was at and there was no judgement from him about it. He saw the good in me throughout the experience and was very honest with me about what he saw in what I was doing and how I was thinking that wasn’t helpful for my progress. As I have been applying the things he’s taught me, my pull toward food has decreased drastically and I now feel greater freedom and hope to reach my long-held goals for health. I would recommend coaching with Aaron for anyone who feels stuck in their progress, who hopes to improve their relationships with others and themselves, and who wants to claim more personal power in their life. 

NHC Client

As a holistic practitioner I assist people in dealing with and healing from stress, trauma, and conflict. I have had a fair amount of practice in working with myself and others through life’s stress and healing internal and physical conflict. In working with Aaron and I can honestly say that I was incredibly impressed with his thoughtful and challenging approach to help as I vocalized and navigated through my current stresses. He listened carefully, noticed important details, and challenged me to look deeper within myself to align more fully and choose with clarity. It was powerful and effective. I had deeply valuable insights in working Aaron that I simply wouldn’t have found without his help and approach. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking quality coaching or wanting to navigate through a choice, challenge, or healing. 

NHC Client and Practitioner