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Nurse Health Coaching

As a nurse coach I support others in challenging their own limiting beliefs and behaviors through the identification and elevation of genuinely healthful mindsets and actions, so that personal empowerment and purpose may increase and our collective wellness abound.

I’m Aaron,

I hold space for my clients to courageously face their limiting beliefs
so that they can take empowered steps towards living their best selves.

During our time together, I direct all my attention and effort towards serving the you. I listen intently, ask reflective questions, and meet you wherever you are at.

As a result, you will find greater awareness of your own obstacles, blocks, motives and pathways to find personal healing, reach goals, and/or resolve inner or external conflict.

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What is Nurse Health Coaching and how can it help?

The process is client-centered, client driven—how far we go is entirely up to you. Imagine having someone genuinely curious and powerfully focused on what is most important to you for an entire one-to-two-hour session. I integrate my 10+ years nursing experience as well as my training in and passion for nutrition, movement, quality sleep, and stress reduction to aid you in harnessing your own personal power to affect positive and lasting change in your life.

My clients often find my open and honest approach to be both powerful and refreshing.
Sometimes I share personal experiences and insights which have proven effective in helping
clients acquire the insight and courage to follow their passion with integrity; other times, clients
find it more beneficial for me to simply show up and be there with them. Many times, we are
both surprised and pleased how the conversation evolves in unexpected and exciting ways.

Aaron has a lot to offer for anyone that would be interested in nurse coaching! Through his own experiences, his diverse nursing background, and his drive to help and impact others; he will have so much to offer those that work with him!

NHC Peer

Aaron taught me the importance of meditation and how to connect with my own emotions and feelings.  I learned how to calm down when I was stressed. 

NHC Client

I would recommend Aaron to people seeking help with fitness and healthy eating. He has a good understanding of healthy eating and individuals seeking ways to connect to why they are not successful with physical health.

NHC Peer

All the time, my priority is to benefit you. I bring everything I am to our time together. As is true in most anything, the more you give, the more you get out of it. The same applies to our sessions: The more invested you are in being there for yourself, the more you will get.

One example of client empowerment includes the recognition of underlying motivators which both sabotage weight-related behaviors and goals, as well as undermine personal relationships. Another example involved the courage to hold essential conversations with loved ones from a balanced and committed perspective. Whether you need space to learn to love yourself, or you wish to unlock the power you have within to start your own business, I can help.